About us

At GOWell, we are constantly evolving to meet our customer´s growing needs. Our roots are in China, where the company was founded. We quickly expanded globally to cover our customer base with Research and Development centers in Houston (USA), Xi´an and Beijing (CN) as well as Technical Support centers present in both hemispheres, where we provide training for the usage of our technologies. GOWell´s mutual objective and expansion strategy unites and engages an exceptional group of people.



Our success will be achieved by delivering high quality products and excellent service support combined with a flexible business approach. Our mission works to unify us in a common cause and growth strategy.


Safety lies at the core of our business. We will always do our best to uphold the highest standards and strive for the improvement of health, safety and security for our employees and community.


Team work

Teamwork plays a crucial role in achieving our common goals. By combining our knowledge and expertise we boost the value of our performance, and in turn, the value of service and support for our customers. 


We endeavor to deliver world-class products and services. Delivering superior technology, innovative product development and exceptional customer service are paramount to exceed our customers´ expectations. 


Customer focus

We listen to our customers needs and strive to provide solutions to meet their goals. We are constantly expanding our global footprint in order to stay close to our customers and provide them with the Technical Support needed for success. Your success is our success. 


Knowledge sharing and collaboration among our team members is the key to our success. Learning from our successes and shortcomings and the commitment to continuous growth within our community are all crucial elements in order to achieve the full potential of each employee.