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Well Integrity

Complete Well Integrity Solutions Provider

    • The ability to identify irregularities and defects in a well’s casing and tubing is crucial, as it will quickly help determine what immediate action to take to solve the problem before a catastrophe occurs.
    • With GOWell’s promise of quality and affordability, we make sure to minimize your spending by helping you evaluate the condition of the casing, tubing and cement quality in your well.

Why Evaluate Well Integrity?

  • Early knowledge of corrosion/PI problems can help in:
        • Minimizing/removing the source
        • Implementing preventive measures
  • Precise identification of failure can minimize repair expense
  • Remedial action can be taken before the well is seriously damaged
  • Optimization of Workover Programs for maximum efficiency
  • An understanding of the corrosion pattern may help in optimizing the completion design

Measuring fingers move radially along the inner casing or tubing wall, detecting any diameter change. This produces a high resolution record of the tubular geometry which can be viewed and presented as a conventional log, a cross section, or a 3-D color enhanced image.

The Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) is a 1-11/16 in O.D corrosion measuring instrument primarily run through tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect tubing and the casings behind it. The integrity of the casing string can be evaluated with neither the requirement for costly workover rig, nor the time consuming removal of the tubing completion.

GOWell’s latest generation MTD tool is capable of evaluating quantitative thickness measurements up to three concentric pipes. The state-of-the-art instrument combines a high power transmitter, improved signal-to-noise (SNR) electronics and fully configurable acquisition. This flexible approach allows a wide range of evaluations under different conditions and conveyance systems. 

We provide the best in class Noise Logging services. The ALFA tool uses very sensitive acoustic sensors to be able to measure sound produced downhole by either gas or liquid flow. Measurements are taken over a wide frequency range, enabling a very effective way of leak detection as well as detection of various anomalies and sources.

In combination with High Resolution Temperature Tool (HRTT), the string provides accurate temperature measurements along the wellbore to locate leaks, production and injection zones, flows behind pipe and to complement various other downhole studies. The string also includes MCCL for more accurate depth correlation. 


The Radial Bond Log (RBL) Tool provides proven superior reliability and responsiveness even in thin cement sheath conditions. With circumferential cement bond evaluation, the RBL identifies channels, in addition to standard cement bond logging. The main application of the Radial Bond Log Tool is to evaluate hydraulic isolation between producing and non-producing zones– a key factor needed to assess the integrity of the well.



Acoustic Leak Flow Analyser (ALFA4)
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Array Noise Tool (ANT)
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Multi-finger Caliper (MFC)
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Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD)
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Radial Bond Tool (RBL)
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High Speed Telemetry (WTS43C-C) - 13 Pin Connector
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Surface Panel (CSS107)
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Memory Controller (MRL43C-C) & Battery Pack Unit (BPU43C)
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Gamma Ray - Wellbore Temperature-CCL (GTC43C)
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Strain Gauge Pressure - Wellbore Temperature (PTC43C)
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Gamma Ray - Wellbore Temperature (PGT43C)
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Production Logging Tools

Acquire the Full Evaluation of Flowing Profile

Production Logging Services allow a full evaluation of the static and dynamic conditions of the reservoir.

Using these key production parameters, it is possible to help the reservoir engineers in well production/injection profile adjustment, well treatments, reservoir reconstruction and stimulations. It also contributes to the drilling evaluation and production operations at the well site and diagnose potential problems such as water or gas breakthrough, cross flow of thief zones and channeling.

GOWell offers a wide range of production logging solutions for all types of downhole environments. By combining advanced technology and field experience, we are able to provide you with reliable solutions customized to fit your needs.


  • Components are age treated under high temperature and are vibration tested
  • Designed with plug and pull installation
  • A tool isolated with independent sealing systems prevents the entire string from being damaged in the event of damage to individual tool
  • Titanium alloy housings can protect when running in sulphureous wells
  • CAN bus is used for the tool to improve the communication rate
  • Depending on the needs, it can be operated as SRO logging, or MEM logging


  • Flexible Combination: 
    • Telemetry/CCL/GR + Temp/Pressure (strain/quartz) + Inline Flowmeter + Water Holdup + Density + Full Borehole Flowmeter/Continuous Flowmeter/Tracing Injector (For heavy oil well)+ XY Caliper + Centralizer +Tension sub
    • Flexible Joint and Sinker Bar can be connected to the tool string if needed.
    • Customized tool configuration: Manufacturing under the request of customer to provide separated/combined telemetry-CCL-GR, and separated/combined Temp-Pressure tool.
    • Plug and Play design facilitates maintenance job


  • Compatible with Warrior Cased-Hole Logging System.
    • Equipped with Telemetry/CCL/GR, Fluid Density, High Definition Quartz Pressure, Temperature, Capacitance Water Holdup, Continuous Flowmeter, or Full-Bore Flowmeter and Centralizers Telemetry system is compatible with all global logging tools.
Combined Water Holdup Tool/Density Tool (QCD)
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Continuous Flowmeter (CFM)
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Fullbore Flowmeter (FBM)
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Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter (PTF)
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Open Hole Products



GOWell’s series of formation resistivity measurement tools provide quality response in all environments including low to high salinity, water based muds and oil-based muds. Our resistivity suite includes DILT, DLLT, MSFL, and AILT.

For more specific results, the tools are combinable with any other Gallop tool.

Dual Induction Logging Tool (DILT)
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Dual Lateral Logging Tool (DLLT)
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Micro-Spherical Logging Tool (MSFL)
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Array Induction Logging Tool (AILT)
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GOWell’s Telemetry/Inclinometer Gamma Ray Tool (TIGR), Litho Density Logging Tool (LDLT) & Compensated Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT), are useful in determining the Formation Porosity and lithology of a well, which helps manage production schedules and contributes to the extension of the life of a well.

To provide shale volume and hydrocarbon identification, our tools can be combined with other Gallop tools.

Compensated Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT)
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Gamma Ray Spectral Tool (GRST)
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Litho Density Logging Tool (LDLT)
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Telemetry/Inclinometer Gamma Ray Tool (TIGR)
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GOWell’s sonic suite includes our High Definition Sonic Logging tool (HDSL), and one of the latest additions to the Gallop family, the X-Dipole Logging tool (XDLT). They provide petrophysical evaluation and geophysical applications.

These include Formation Porosity measurements, seismic correlation, gas detection, rock anisotropy & permeability and cement bond evaluation, providing crucial information regarding the well. 

High Definition Sonic Tool (HDSL)
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X-Dipole Logging Tool (XDLT)
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Formation Pressure & Sampling
Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT)
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Open Hole Imaging
Micro-Conductivity Imager Tool (MCI)
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Six Arm Caliper
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Open Hole Products
GallopStar Surface Acquisition System
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