Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT)

GOWell’s Modular Formation Pressure Tester (MFPT) is a new generation wireline formation tester that is fully compatible with GOWell’s GallopStar logging system. The modular design of MFPT allows for flexible operations and future expansion. A key design feature is plug-in modules that allow easy maintenance and rapid post-job servicing. MFPT has highly integrated electronics, mechanical and hydraulic systems for reliable field operations. MFPT includes industry-standard Quartz pressure gauge for accurate pressure measurements. Hydraulic pump module for pump-out and sampling operations and Fluid identification capability for real-time fluid monitoring. The logging software controls are both simple and intuitive for ease of field operations and provide automatic operations wherever possible.


  Formation P = 173.5 bar (2516.6psi)

  Hydrostatic P = 238.5 bar (3459.9psi) 

  Mobility = 13 md/cp






  • Formation pressure and Fluid Mobility measurements 
  • Sampling and Fluid ID
  • Gradient and Fluid contact identification
  • Reserves and production estimation


  • Accurate formation pressure and mobility measurements
  • Variable volume pre-testing and multiple drawdowns per set
  • Isolation valve reduces flowline volume for faster build-ups
  • Modular tool designed for easy maintenance
  • Variable rate pump, fluidID sensors 
  • PVT sampling: more than 6 samples collected in one trip
  • Real-time Bubble-Point test
  • Gallopstar compatible