Micro-Conductivity Imager Tool (MCI)

The Formation Micro-Conductivity Imager Tool (MCI) provides detailed borehole resistivity image data. Six pads are pushed against the borehole wall by a hydraulic actuating device. The pads closely and consistently make contact with the borehole wall, which is essential to obtaining high quality image data. 


MCI Log Example




  • Acquires and produces a variety of 2D and 3D borehole resistivity images, which are widely used in geological, petrophysical and borehole property analysis. The image data processing technique, image data base and intelligent image correlation techniques greatly widen the application scope of MCI imaging logging data. 

The logging data is mainly used for:

  • Sedimentary feature and rock texture recognition
  • Lithology identification, profile correlation and electro-facies analyses
  • Fracture, vug and fault identification analysis
  • Dip analysis and structural feature analysis in the vicinity of the borehole
  • Borehole geometry and in-situ earth stress analysis
  • Formation evaluation in carbonate reservoir and some igneous rock reservoir


  • Acquires high quality image data in rough borehole conditions
  • Provides precise and consistent data due to the complete calibration facilities and systematic calibration procedures. The mature data acquisition and field processing software satisfies our clients with quick and flexible image presentation.
  • Has the ability to work in several modes: fast scanning mode, slow scanning mode or dipmeter mode
  • Gallopstar Compatible