GallopStar Surface Acquisition System

GOWell’s GallopStar Surface Acquisition System is a state of the art high speed modular and universally compatible data acquisition system. It comes with built-in depth interface, and uses the latest generation self-adaptive full duplex telemetry with maximum speed of 1000 kbps. The acquisition system is compatible with our conventional and advanced Open Hole, Imaging, and Cased Hole/PLT tools.

GallopStar consists of a data acquisition and tool control panel. The system uses latest generation 1000 kpbs QAM uplink. The panel is modular and very flexible, with optional features to support cased hole, perforating and MWD/LWD services.





  • Open hole logging services
  • Cased hole logging services
  • Production logging services
  • Perforating services
  • Coring services



  • Advanced High Speed Self-adapting Telemetry with speed up to 1000 kbps
  • Standard Interface allows for the combination of multiple tool series
  • Configurable by Plug-in modules (LOG1 or LOG2)
  • Supports various code/decode method of downhole telemetry
  • Supports various high speed downhole tool bus
  • Supports various telemetry & wireline combinations
  • Ethernet based surface system
  • Comes with integrated 1 gryscale and 1 color printers
  • 2000VA built-in UPS
  • 1 industrial built-in PC
  • 8 built-in ports 10/100M ethernet switch
  • Built-in depth & tension interface
  • Standard 19 inch cabinet
  • API RP 67 compliant (Explosive Safety) 
  • Supports both Standard and Advances Open Hole Logging services, providing a full range of logs (petrophysical, borehole imaging, array resistivities, array sonic services)