Array Noise Tool (ANT)

The tool employs a set of innovative differential measurements to enable excellent rejection of unwanted noise such as “road noise” produced while the tool is moving in the wellbore. The sensor array also allows propagation-direction processing to further extract weak fluid movement sounds from behind multiple pipes.

By coupling both differential sensors with array processing this tool can acquire accurate measurements while logging up or down. This saves time and improves effectiveness in any leak detection applications.


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Array Noise Tool ANT


  • Total of 38 Hydrophones
  • Sensor Configuration: 3 monopole + 6 differential
  • X & Y Differential + Wave Propagation
  • Provides accurate results while logging continuously
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Excellent (> 30dB) Road Noise Rejection
  • Azimuthal Sensitivity
  • Combinable including simultaneous RCBL logging
  • Leak Detection (tubing/casing/packer leaks)
  • Diagnosis of Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Location of open perforations
  • Identification of flow zones behind pipe
  • Identification of channeling behind pipe

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ANT How It Works