Acoustic Leak Flow Analyser (ALFA)

GOWell’s Acoustic Leak Flow Analyser Tool is a memory tool used to carry out various well diagnostic studies extending from well integrity evaluation to production performance monitoring. This device measures acoustic data in the frequency range of 8 Hz to 60,000 kHz with very high frequency resolution. 

The tool uses very sensitive acoustic sensors to be able to measure sound produced downhole by either gas or liquid flow. Measurements are taken over a wide frequency range, enabling a very effective way of leak detection as well as detection of various kinds of gas, water, or oil flow, including flow behind the pipe.





  • Leak Detection (tubing/casing/packer leaks)
  • Diagnosis of Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Location of open perforations 
  • Identification of flow zones behind pipe
  • Identification of channeling behind pipe


  • Ability to detect flows through multiple tubulars
  • Ability to distinguish flow behind pipe from flow inside pipe
  • Combinability with other logging tools to provide a complete well evaluation in a single run
  • Slim tool design allowing safe and easy deployment through the smallest completion tubing and restrictions